Couple to Hold Fairground Wedding Under Huge Wedding Marquee

A couple have announced that their upcoming wedding will carry a fairground theme, with the pair going so far as to incorporate a helterskelter and waltzer into the celebrations.

Tommy Gielty, 48, and Tracy Jackson, 43, will be tying the knot on Saturday June 11 under an enormous wedding marquee, with the wedding expected to be attended by hundreds of guests. The couple have set up rides and brought in a number of entertainers for the nuptials.

They will also place collection boxes out during the wedding in an attempt to collect money for LEP Lifesaver Appeal.

Tommy, said “We have been friends for about 20 years, but fell in love a couple of years ago and I have never been happier.”

Tracy, continued “We got engaged last year and at first, we thought we would just have a quiet wedding abroad.┬áBut my daughters said they would never speak to me if we did that, so we began organising a wedding here instead.

“What began as a quiet wedding has just escalated and it is now going to be quite crazy thanks to the generosity of friends. We are expecting around 1,000 guests.”

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